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A couple of days ago, I talked with the third person I have met that has been burned by a Cabana Cay investment. About two years, the Cabana Cay investment pitch was making the rounds on the real estate investment clubs/seminar circuit. Cabana Cay was in the building of building or refurbishing resort properties, mostly in Florida. From what I gathered the deal was a preconstruction opportunity that, when finished, you would own a resort condo that would lease out to vacationers at high rents providing lots of cash flow.  The deal was sweetened by a developer lease back for a year or two, and/or the ability to put your down payment towards mortgage payments, so there was very little out of pocket.

Fast forward a couple of years and everyone I have met is trying to get out of the deal by selling the unit as a short sale. They have all stopped making mortgage payments (which were big once the funding for them – lease back/down payments – ran out), which of course has trashed their credit. There are allegations of fraud as it appears that consistently the units were valued higher than what they were worth. Promises of refurbishing a resort into a 5 star property never happened and Cabana Cay, as a real estate developer, apparently is defunct. Although you would never know it from browsing the internet.

There appears to be a viable Cabana Cay property in northern Florida.  I couldn’t find the other ones.

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