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Smart Money just released an article on the 5 real estate markets expecting to fare best in 2010.  Predicted to be the best is Tacoma, WA up a predicted whopping 2.44%.  The rest of the 5 come under 1%.  Well that’s certainly going to make up for the staggering downturn of the last couple of years (yes that last sentence was sarcasm).

Hinted at in the article is trouble that might be caused by a coming big wave of adjustable mortgages adjusting to much higher payments.  I’ve seen many blogs and articles warning that we are not done yet with the damage caused by ARMs, where the loan value keeps increasing and the home value keeps sinking.   While activity has picked up in many real estate markets, it seems primarily driven by the $8K tax credit and the availability of cheap foreclosed homes.

We are not out of the woods yet.

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